Using Associated Items

When an item that has associated items is added to a sales order, along the header of the order you will see a notification. This is telling you there are associated items and asking if you would like to view them.

Clicking Yes will open the Associated Items Card. However, if you exit the notification don’t panic there is another way you can still add your associated items.

NB: Once enabled (by opening the Associated Item Setup page) the notifications cant be switched off

On the Lines FastTab of the order under the Related Information action allow the linked products to be added quickly and easily, when you hit the function Associated Items

A page (Associated Item Card) will open up offering the items to be added to the order.

Entering the required Quantity then clicking Close will add the items to the order in the chosen quantities.

The default quantities (Suggested Quantity) are shown as a suggestion only. The user must choose an actual figure required and enter this in the Quantity column.

NB: The Sugggested Quantity is based on the Quantity of the item on the sales line. If the item on the line has quantity 2, the suggested item quantity will also be 2. This is based on a 1:1 ratio

The Quantity column must be completed, if the numbers are left at zero then when the user chooses Close, nothing will be added to the sales order.

When adding the Associated Items, you are not forced to use the recommended quantities; the Suggested Quantity is just a suggestion as stated before, you can set this to any figure. The user simply enters the quantity required in the Quantity column.

A useful field when looking to add associated items to your sales order is the Available Qty. field, this looks at the Items Availability and lets you know where this associated item can be added to the Sales Order.

You can drill down into the figure on the page and view the item Availability and how that figure has been built up.

NB: If the item already exists on the order and has had a suggestion then it will not make a notification again for suggestions, if the same item has been entered.