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Warehouse Android App


  • Non beta release of all the changes since v7.2.2.0:

  • Added a couple of Idents to the gs1 parser (243 and 403)

  • Fixed layout issue in the Question view

  • Made drawer content scrollable

  • Improved management of Honeywell barcode scanner - made it thread safe and made it respond to lifecycle events

  • Removed text from transaction textbox after a barcode has been scanned

  • Fixed back pressed bug when a text entry is displayed

  • Improved event logging

  • Improved responsiveness of busy pop up

  • Fixed transaction / enquiry no matching data items error message layout bug

  • The download pictures routine is only called if there are pictures to download

  • Hardware hot keys are supported on the Honeywell EDA60K

  • Communication times are logged

  • Stopped double clicks on the post / options button

  • Scanner is disabled on Post

  • Fixed duplicate error message issue with gs1 enquiries

  • Barcode scanning defaults to standardgs1




  • Public release of Handheld Framework 7.2 compatible version