Deleting Items

If the original item is deleted, due to the links now in place, the system will ask how it should deal with the linked / associated items.

If you choose to delete the orginal Sales line a request page will appear on the page.

  • If you choose the option Cancel, it will do nothing, lines will not be deleted.

  • If you choose the option Continue and delete the associated lines, it will delete the original item and the lines we added through associated items. The full set of items will be removed.

  • The final option Continue and leave the associated lines and break the link to this line, will just delete the original item, leaving the associated items.

Like all sales lines the associated lines can be deleted if no longer required.

If you click Yes to deleting the associated line Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will check whether the lines are linked due to the association, prompting you to confirm with a second message as to whether you want to delete the selected line.

If you choose to deleted the associated line completely the remaining lines on the Sales Order will function as normal lines without the link created when you first pulled your associated items onto the order.