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  • Include app code in OnRegisterAddition event
  • Fix to User Type enum


  • Printing interface. In future apps that require printing support e.g. Clever Document Delivery, Clever Shipping Agent Integration can rely on the interface. Clever PrintNode Integration will implement the interface
  • User Type enum and interface


  • Summarise credit consumption entries before submitting to the licensing service. To reduce the size of the web service request and avoid issues with MaxRequestSize


  • Support for different configuration types. Clever Config will establish if more than one configuration type is available e.g. DEMO, DEFAULT and will prompt the user to make a selection
  • Few Remaining Credits notification - users can now configure whether/which apps they want to see notifications for and the number of remaining credits that will trigger the notification


  • Pass environment name in license calls


  • Remove dependency on test libraries


  • Increase length of IntegrationData array (array of variants that is used in integration calls between apps)


  • Support for license credits. Number of remaining credits per app is downloaded with the license call. Support for apps to consume credits and report the consumption of the credits back to the licensing service


  • Support for calling a test configuration service (only respected in Sandbox environments)
  • Collect more information about the tenant for the licensing service when new licenses are activated