Credit Held List

Once the Clever Credit Setup is complete, matching your business needs and processes, you will begin to see it working when processing documents through Business Central.

Based on your setup, when you release a document the following will be checked:

  • Is the customer over their credit limit?

  • Does the customer have an overdue balance?

  • Is Credit Hold All Documents checked on the customer card?

If any of the above are true, then the document will be put on the Credit Held List.

When this happens, a pop-up dialogue will inform you that the Credit Status of the order will be set to Credit Held. The Status of the order will remain as Open and cannot change to Released until a Credit Controller approves the order.

Once an order is credit held, it will be put on the Credit Held List.

The Credit Held List can be accessed from the Sales Order ribbon by Actions, Functions, Clever Credit and Manage Credit Status. Alternatively, you can search for the Credit Held list in the search bar.

If the user clicks the action Cancel Credit Check, this will take the order from being credit held and out of the credit held list. This is used in circumstances where the user has accidently released the order without completing it.

The Credit Held List is where credit held documents appear and can be managed by the credit control team.

From here you can review the documents on hold and the reason for it being credit held. You can also use the Clever Credit Statistics FactBox to see information about the customer’s credit worthiness, assisting in the decision to release the document or make further enquiries.

Outside of accessing the Credit Held list from the sales order, detailed earlier in the user guide, users can find the page through the search, from the menu on the Role Centre or even through the cue on the Homepage.

When the document has been Credit Held fields including the Credit Held Reason and Credit Status are updated. These can be viewed by using the Page Inspection feature on the page as shown below:

Once on the Credit Held List page the ribbon actions allow you to navigate through credit held documents with ease.

You can toggle between a list of Credit Held Documents and Released Documents.

You can also view the sales document directly using the Card option or see a summary of the document with the Statistics option.

Previous released documents can be manually placed back on Credit Hold with the Hold action.