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Version 2.10.0


  • Force Refresh of Request Page when Changing Report ID - Clear the Request Page Parameters that were previously stored and display the new request page to the user to save.

  • Replace Service Password Table with Isolated Storage - Service Password table is being deprecated.

  • Disable Printing Options When There is no Print Handler - Disable any options related to printing when no print handler has been defined in the setup.

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot Open PDF with Password Protection - When adding password protection to a PDF it can only be opened in Edge. Does not work in Chrome "failed to load PDF" or Adobe (does not even get as far as prompting for a password).

  • Copy Document Type Dialog - Reverse the "Copy To" and "Copy From" fields on this dialog. Having them the other way around would make more sense.

  • Typo in Error Message - "Email failed to sent via SMTP"

  • Update Document and Details Records from Email Preview Page - The email addresses, subject and body can be edited on the Email Preview page, but the log records are not updated accordingly.