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  • Implement printing interface - Support Clever Config Print Handler Interface Enum

  • BC17 Compatibility


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in the Business Central 14 version - attachments were not being calculated before being used.


  • Allow the Email Preview page to be opened when no To address can be evaluated and the "Preview before Sending" option is enabled on the Document Type.


Bug Fixes

  • The constant [[USER]] (replaced with the current USERID when a document is submitted) is no longer translated i.e. the English "USER" should always be used, rather than having to supply the translation in the current user's language

  • Permission to obsolete Service Password table removed


  • Option fields replaced with File Processing Type enum in Document Type Attachment and Attachment tables


Bug fixes

  • Do not error if no file is generated by a report e.g. attempting to attach all open invoices to a reminder if there are no open posted sales invoices to generate in the report


  • Add sending actions to blanket sales orders pages

  • Add new document type for blanket sales orders to the default configuration



  • Clever Document Delivery now support license credits. A credit is consumed when a document is submitted to be processed and sent. See the Clever Dynamics License Registration page for details of consumed and remaining credits.



  • Reference No. on Document Log Records. Add a reference no. field on document log records that can be populated by another app that requires Document Delivery's functionality.

  • Event to include additional attachments. Include a new event publisher that will allow a subscriber to include custom attachments into documents as they are being processed.

  • Action to apply default config from setup page notification. Add an action to the setup page notification to apply default configuration.

  • Don't Test AssureSign Connection With Incomplete Setup

Bug Fixes

  • Dialog placeholder bug. \@1\@\@\@\@ has been translated incorrectly and introduced spaces into the placeholder which will cause an error when Window. Update is used.

  • Email body html content is corrupted after editing. Additional html tags/text are added to the end of email body following editing



  • Reintroduce Applies to Functionality. Field determines whether document type attachment lines apply when the document type is being printed/email or both. If the document is being submitted to AssureSign then the document type attachments that are applied to emails should be followed.

  • Update Build to Use Template

  • Update Links in App Manifest

  • Enforce Licensing. Do not allow new documents to be submitted when the license has expired. All other functionality should still be enabled. Show a notification if the licence has expired/is expiring from the document type list/card and the batch selection page.

Bug Fixes

  • Set password with Encryption Enabled. When setting the password in the DD Password Mgt. codeunit the encrypted password is too long to be set against the password text.



  • AssureSign Integration. Allow users to submit documents via AssureSign.

    • Select an appropriate template to create the AssureSign envelope with

    • Download placeholder values that are required in the template and allow the user to link them to Document Fields that provide the appropriate values

  • Include Document Log Records in Navigate. Extend the Navigate page to also search for matching Document Log records e.g. the user should be able to navigate from a posted sales invoice and see the document log(s) that include the document. Showing the record should open the document log page filtered to the appropriate records.

Bug Fixes

  • Increased Customer/Vendor Name Lengths. Test to demonstrate the error and increase the length of our fields that the customer and vendor names are copying into.

  • Cannot convert from ‘Enum’ to ‘Integer’. Argument 2: cannot convert from 'Enum "Detail Type CDDTMN"' to 'Integer'

  • Overflow Error Copying Document Types. Parameters in Translation Mgt. codeunit

  • Controls Not Visible on Copy Document Type report. The Copy From/To controls are not visible on the copy document type report request page.



  • Force Refresh of Request Page when Changing Report ID - Clear the Request Page Parameters that were previously stored and display the new request page to the user to save.

  • Replace Service Password Table with Isolated Storage - Service Password table is being deprecated.

  • Disable Printing Options When There is no Print Handler - Disable any options related to printing when no print handler has been defined in the setup.

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot Open PDF with Password Protection - When adding password protection to a PDF it can only be opened in Edge. Does not work in Chrome "failed to load PDF" or Adobe (does not even get as far as prompting for a password).

  • Copy Document Type Dialog - Reverse the "Copy To" and "Copy From" fields on this dialog. Having them the other way around would make more sense.

  • Typo in Error Message - "Email failed to **sent **via SMTP"

  • Update Document and Details Records from Email Preview Page - The email addresses, subject and body can be edited on the Email Preview page, but the log records are not updated accordingly.