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Bug Fixes

  • Invalid report parameters applied to reports are ignored and result in generating reports without any filters. Apply record view to RecordRef of the attachment source when generating the report. Generating reports from Recordref will ensure the report will be filtered to the view.



  • Implement printing interface - Support Clever Config Print Handler Interface Enum

  • BC17 Compatibility


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in the Business Central 14 version - attachments were not being calculated before being used.


  • Allow the Email Preview page to be opened when no To address can be evaluated and the "Preview before Sending" option is enabled on the Document Type.


Bug Fixes

  • The constant [[USER]] (replaced with the current USERID when a document is submitted) is no longer translated i.e. the English "USER" should always be used, rather than having to supply the translation in the current user's language

  • Permission to obsolete Service Password table removed


  • Option fields replaced with File Processing Type enum in Document Type Attachment and Attachment tables


Bug fixes

  • Do not error if no file is generated by a report e.g. attempting to attach all open invoices to a reminder if there are no open posted sales invoices to generate in the report


  • Add sending actions to blanket sales orders pages

  • Add new document type for blanket sales orders to the default configuration



  • Clever Document Delivery now support license credits. A credit is consumed when a document is submitted to be processed and sent. See the Clever Dynamics License Registration page for details of consumed and remaining credits.



  • Reference No. on Document Log Records. Add a reference no. field on document log records that can be populated by another app that requires Document Delivery's functionality.

  • Event to include additional attachments. Include a new event publisher that will allow a subscriber to include custom attachments into documents as they are being processed.

  • Action to apply default config from setup page notification. Add an action to the setup page notification to apply default configuration.

  • Don't Test AssureSign Connection With Incomplete Setup

Bug Fixes

  • Dialog placeholder bug. \@1\@\@\@\@ has been translated incorrectly and introduced spaces into the placeholder which will cause an error when Window. Update is used.

  • Email body html content is corrupted after editing. Additional html tags/text are added to the end of email body following editing



  • Reintroduce Applies to Functionality. Field determines whether document type attachment lines apply when the document type is being printed/email or both. If the document is being submitted to AssureSign then the document type attachments that are applied to emails should be followed.

  • Update Build to Use Template

  • Update Links in App Manifest

  • Enforce Licensing. Do not allow new documents to be submitted when the license has expired. All other functionality should still be enabled. Show a notification if the licence has expired/is expiring from the document type list/card and the batch selection page.

Bug Fixes

  • Set password with Encryption Enabled. When setting the password in the DD Password Mgt. codeunit the encrypted password is too long to be set against the password text.



  • AssureSign Integration. Allow users to submit documents via AssureSign.

    • Select an appropriate template to create the AssureSign envelope with

    • Download placeholder values that are required in the template and allow the user to link them to Document Fields that provide the appropriate values

  • Include Document Log Records in Navigate. Extend the Navigate page to also search for matching Document Log records e.g. the user should be able to navigate from a posted sales invoice and see the document log(s) that include the document. Showing the record should open the document log page filtered to the appropriate records.

Bug Fixes

  • Increased Customer/Vendor Name Lengths. Test to demonstrate the error and increase the length of our fields that the customer and vendor names are copying into.

  • Cannot convert from ‘Enum’ to ‘Integer’. Argument 2: cannot convert from 'Enum "Detail Type CDDTMN"' to 'Integer'

  • Overflow Error Copying Document Types. Parameters in Translation Mgt. codeunit

  • Controls Not Visible on Copy Document Type report. The Copy From/To controls are not visible on the copy document type report request page.



  • Force Refresh of Request Page when Changing Report ID - Clear the Request Page Parameters that were previously stored and display the new request page to the user to save.

  • Replace Service Password Table with Isolated Storage - Service Password table is being deprecated.

  • Disable Printing Options When There is no Print Handler - Disable any options related to printing when no print handler has been defined in the setup.

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot Open PDF with Password Protection - When adding password protection to a PDF it can only be opened in Edge. Does not work in Chrome "failed to load PDF" or Adobe (does not even get as far as prompting for a password).

  • Copy Document Type Dialog - Reverse the "Copy To" and "Copy From" fields on this dialog. Having them the other way around would make more sense.

  • Typo in Error Message - "Email failed to **sent **via SMTP"

  • Update Document and Details Records from Email Preview Page - The email addresses, subject and body can be edited on the Email Preview page, but the log records are not updated accordingly.


Bug Fixes

  • Occasionally the same Document record can be processed multiple times, resulting in multiple copies of the same document being sent to the recipient/printer.