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Barcode Imports

Single Barcode Import

The Doc. Links Process Documents Page is a useful tool for importing barcodes which can then be associated with a record through the OCR service. Dynamics 365 Business Central will automatically filter down the records to find the best fit depending on the search fields you set up.

Like before you will begin with dragging or importing a file into the doc links file drop FactBox.

Once imported, it should introduce a new line on the list page.

Click Submit to OCR in the Ribbon, which should change the Status field to Pending Review and the Status Details field to Review matched records on the record line. On the Link to Record field, you can see which Document Type and Number the document has been linked to in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With the line still highlighted, click Post Selected in the ribbon. This will process the selected lines, removing it from view. If there are any problems i.e. OCR details missing or incorrect the Status will stay the same, but the Status Details will highlight the issue

NB: This document link functionality on the Doc. Links Process Documents page can only work with barcodes.

Multiple Barcode Import

In some instances, you may want to import a file which contains more than one barcode into the Doc Links Process Documents page.

Begin the process in the same way as before by dragging a file into the FactBox on the right. This will still pull through one line on to the page.

When you try to Submit the records through the action in the Ribbon, the Status details field should change like below. This time the No. of Links field shows 2 records which can be matched from the barcode.

When you then select the Post Selected button in the Ribbon, a pop-out window will confirm which document you wish to link the barcodes to.

NB: In the case that you want to link the barcodes to two separate documents, highlight both the records before clicking OK