Developer Guide

Adding Document Links to a Custom Page

It really simple to add Clever Document Links functionality to either your own custom pages or a page extension to the standard application for one of the few pages we haven’t put it on.

  1. Create Dependency in the app.json of your app on Clever Document Links

    "dependencies": [


    "id": "a7359d55-e70d-488d-8fc9-0b5cef655f6e",

    "publisher": "Clever Dynamics",

    "name": "Clever Document Links",

    "version": ""



  2. Add a factbox to the page or page extension as follows

part(DLFileDropFactboxCDLTMN; "DL File Drop Factbox CDLTMN")


ApplicationArea = All;


  1. Add the following line to or create a OnAfterGetCurrRecord trigger as follows

    trigger OnAfterGetCurrRecord()




    And your done, nothing more to it than that.