Clever Search Setup

There are two sides when it comes to setting up Global Search. The first part of the user guide looks at how easy it is to setup your Clever Search criteria. The second part of the documentation will look at Obfuscating Data (masking data) based on the Clever Search results.

To setup Clever Search firstly navigate to the Clever Search Setup page, it is in here that you would create where Clever Search should be looking (tables & pages) when you type in your search criteria.

As you start to create your Clever Search entry you will need to fill in the following fields:

Table ID - choose which table(s) you want clever search to be looking through when you start the search.

NB: There is an assistance button next to the field Table ID to help the user know which table they are picking.

Table Name - selecting the Table ID will populate the table name,

Page ID - this field like the Table Name, will automatically populate based on the Table ID you selected.

On the field Table Filter, you can set a filter on the search results for that table.

For example, when you are presented with your search results you may not want an item that fits your criteria because it is also blocked. You will have set the table filter to not show blocked items.

The Name Field No. – when you get your search results there is a column called Name, by populating this filed you are choosing details from your table to populate this column with.

For example, by selecting field 3 you are telling the App that when it presents you with the search results for that table you want that column being populated with the description of the item.

The final piece of general setup is to choose which fields are included in your search of the table. As soon as you select you table ID a list of fields will show at the bottom of the page, these fields relate to your Table ID. Simply go through the list and tick which fields specifically you would like global search to look at for your results.

Once you have completed your setup a dialogue box will pop up on the screen asking you Update the Index. You should say Yes to this option, the index should be rebuilt and updated every time a change is made to the Clever Search Setup.

The status is also visible on the page Index Status, this status will change from Needs Updating to Up- To Date once the index has been rebuilt.

Updating the Index will only happen if new fields have been added or removed from the setup.

NB: If no changes are made you won’t be prompted automatically on closing the setup page. However, from the process tab on the page you can run it manually.

Other options also available on the tab include: Update Fields – which updates the fields available to user to select during setup (these are fields only on the table they have setup to run clever search on). Rebuild Index – which clears out all the indexes built up previously and builds them up again with your setup. And Obfuscation Setup, this will be explained further on in the user guide.

NB: Rebuild Index is not something usually run but may be on the occasion that data bought in via Rapid Start has not been validated correctly.