Clever Search

Once setup, Clever Search can be run from several pages within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it can be run through the Clever Search page or from the Items, Customers or Vendors List pages.

To run from the Clever Search page, simply navigate to the page.

Once on the page use the Search for field on the Input FastTab to type in your search requirements.

The result of that search will appear at the bottom of the page, in the tab Search Results.

The results are based on the setup you creted previosuly. If the matching text field is a primary key field then the flag on the line Primary Key field will be ticked. Hits gets poulated based on how many hits within the serach for string it found.

For exmaple, if you search Green Chair and the descripion of an item had both words Green and Chair in it the Hits field would be populated with 2 rather than 1.

If you are running it from one of the pages mentioned above (Items, Customer, Vendors).

Firstly, navigate to the page in which you want to run the search on. Click on the actions tab and then choose the Search option.

In the Clever Search Filter screen, you can then fill in your search terms, along with choosing the option to match all the terms or some of the terms (disabling it).

Once you have filled in everything you need to, click the Close option on the screen, which will the filter your list based on your search terms.