With most of or apps now a new page has been introduced called Clever Dynamics Licensing Registration.

When you first install one of ours apps with licensing, we will make the following checks:

  • If a license ID is available for this tenant.

    • If there isn’t one in our service, it will create one.
  • The second check that will happen is based on that License ID. It will check if there any license lines.

    • If there are some then it will display them on screen

    • If not, it will create a trial line for each of the apps with licensing.

NB: The license will only be activated once users start using the app.

To view the license details, use the search to navigate to this Clever Dynamics licensing registration page.

On the page you can see which clever dynamics apps hold a form of licensing. How long the license if for, along with visibility of whether it is a Trial License type of an actual License.

From this screen you have options such as Activate License, Deactivate License and Refresh CSP.

There is no real requirement to come into this screen. The only time you may want to navigate here is to either view which apps you are licensed for. If you are on a Trial license when that will end. Or to Activate License, this will happen when we make any changes to your license and they need to be picked up by the tenant.