• Can I exclude customers from going through the Payment gateway addition?

Yes, you would need to flag the Payment Provider account to not Check if Payment on Sales Release. You would also need to make sure the customers are set in the criteria to be ignored against that payment provider on the page Payment Provider Acc. Priority.

  • Can I post the payment against the account even through the invoice hasn’t been posted?

Yes, you can do this it simply means the payment won’t be applied against an invoice and would stay as a balance against the customers account until it is applied. As you have posted the payment it would mean that you would need to manually post that entry against the Posted Sales Invoice once it is posted.

  • Why has a transaction failed even though I can see it in our account against our payment provider?

There are many reasons as to why a payment may have failed these include:

The firewall could be blocking the response back to Microsoft Dynamics NAV from your Payment Provider.

The SSL certificate has expired.

The server crashed before the response could return.

The permissions against the user running the webservice has changed.

  • Is there any service charge for your payment provider?

This depends on the merchant services agreement you have setup with your bank, as well as any subscription fees you may have with your payment provider which can vary according to the amount of transactions you expect to have.