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Payment Gateway Changelog

Version 2.1


  • Show Customer Number on Payment Gateway Log.

  • Web Service Improvements, added functions to Get failed Transactions and resync.

  • Replace Service Password with Isolated Storage

Bug Fixes

  • Update Payment Provider Account if details are changed which means the document no longer qualifies for payment via Payment Gateway.

  • Resolve issue where if no Payment Gateway Setup record existed users were unable to create sales orders.

Version 2.0.1


  • Test Journal Line Against Payment Gateway Log - When cash receipt lines are suggested from the payment gateway log the log entry no. is entered onto the journal line so that the resulting CLE can be associated with the log entry.

  • Currently, there is nothing to stop the user from editing the journal line e.g. changing the account no. and/or amount before posting. The CLE will still be associated with the payment gateway log, even if though it might no longer match.


  • Error Applying Payment with Posting Date \< Posting Date of Invoice - When payment has a Posting Date that is earlier than the Posting Date of the invoice, "You are not allowed to apply and post an entry to an entry with an earlier posting date."

Version 2.0


  • Suggesting Cash Receipt Jnl. Lines with Pre-payment - If payment has been taken against a sales order and the sales order posted to create the invoice later then the posting date of the payment will be before the posting date of the invoice.

  • Standard BC will not allow the application of the invoice to the payment when the payment has an earlier date. Change the cash receipt suggestion routine to leave the cash receipt unapplied in this case.

  • Payment Providers:

    • Details of payment providers should be held in NAV (rather than in the hosted SQL database for PGY).

    • Details of Payment Providers should be populated by codeunits that populate a table when a discovery event is invoked.


  • Incorrect Amt. on Confirmation Dialog - "x will be sent for payment", where x is incorrect when the customer has prices inclusive of VAT.

  • Correct the Filtering for Payment Gateway Log Records - PGY log records cannot be found - due to filter on Status field.

  • Overflow Error on Card Type - Some card type descriptions are longer than 20 characters and therefore causing an overflow error when the payment gateway log record is updated.

  • Do Not Test Payment Amount on Some Document Types - Optionally users can prevent the release of sales documents when the full payment gateway amount has not been taken. This check is only valid for orders and invoices, not other sales document types.