Applying a Payment

The other Side to Payment Gateway is marrying up the payments with the completed Sales Documents. To do this you need to navigate to the Cash Receipt Journal. You can do this by using the search.

Once in the journal make sure you are in the correct Batch Name, if not change it to the correct one using the drop-down button on the field and selecting the correct one.

Now that you are all setup it is time to pull the payment lines through that you have made via Payment Gateway. Navigate to the Action Tab and select Suggest Paym. Gateway Payment. This allows filtering to be made to the entries for what day/week or a customer order.

The entries pulled through onto the journal are based on the Payment Gateway Log and the filters you entered on the filter page. The Payment Log is mentioned further on in the user guide and holds all entries that have gone through the payment gateway addition recording both successful and unsuccessful payments to your payment providers.

Receipt lines that have the line tick as Applied (Yes/No), means the payment has been automatically matched to one or more posted invoices. To see what it has been applied against, go to the Home Tab on the Ribbon, and choose Apply Entries.

When the system inserts the Journal line it will attempt to find one or more invoices that have been posted from the Order against which the payment was originally taken. This could be multiple invoices. It will match them up and set the Applies to ID for them, ready for posting.

Once the journals have been posted, a success message will appear.

As another user you may want to review the posted entries relating to the payment. To do this you need Navigate to your Posted Sales invoice list. Select the invoice that you have just posted and navigate to a button on the ribbon called Payment Gateway Log.

The Payment Gateway Log confirms the payment was taken against Sales Order (Source No) and that is has a Customer Ledger Entry No. Selecting Cust. Ledger Entry opens the Ledger Entry, bringing you back full circle.