Payment Gateway In Action

Now the setup is complete it is time to see how the addition works in your sales environment.

The process starts like most Sales processes, a customer calls in and places an order over the phone. As per your day to day sales process you will begin to fill in a Sales Order, details on the header and items on the lines FastTab.

You will notice on the Invoice Details FastTab a field labelled Payment Gateway Amount, this field will be empty initially but will be completed after payment has been taken, showing the amount received through the Payment Gateway.

Once a sales order has been completed, before being released go to the Actions > Functions and Select Payment Gateway.

NB: You can try to release the Sales Order without selecting this option however it may throw an error if you try to do so based on your setup.

A request page is triggered within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to confirm the details relating to the Sales Order and the Payment. These details include data such as: billing and delivery addresses, the currency used and the amounts to be paid, before redirecting to the Payment Provider.

Ensure that the Account Code is populated, if not, one needs to be selected at this point. If one isn’t selected, Payment Gateway will prompt the use to enter one before continuing.

Its is also at this point that you can change the Payment Provider so one may have been suggested as part of the setup, but the user has the opportunity at this point to change it to another one should they require.

NB: The Payment Gateway Payment page is only triggered if Show Payment Page has been setup on the Payment Provider Account, or if there is no Payment Provider Acc. Priority set for this document filter.

Once you are happy with all the details in the Payment Gateway Payment page click on the OK button, these details are sent over to the Payment provider, who sends back a pop-up page in a new window to take the payment. This window is still in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it does not use a web-browser.

Enter the card number details, confirm/change the billing address details if these are not the correct ones for the credit/debit card being used then click the Pay button.

If successful, a message will be received.

Back in the sales order it will now display an amount in Payment Gateway Amount and the Sales Order can be released and then posted.

NB: If the payment has failed in the Payment Gateway Log (explained further in the user guide) it will explain why.