Payment Gateway Log

Mentioned throughout the user guide the Payment Gateway Log is a way in which tells you when a payment was successful and when it wasn’t.

Use the search to find the page:

You can see on the page details of the payment(s) taken, their outcome (Payment Status), the Payment Amount received.

All transactions have a unique Transaction ID which are used to identify the transaction. This is especially useful when you are trying to match up payments in the log against payments against your payment provider account.

If an entry is in the log it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything regarding that payment has been completed, at this point it may just be a record of a payment into the system but is not yet applied against any specific invoice. Once the payment has been applied the field Cust Ledger Entry will be populated linking back to the Posted Sales Invoice or Payment it was applied against.

If the payment has failed either going out to your payment provider or coming back into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there will be an explanation in the Status Details column as well as the Payment Status on the log entry being set to Error.