Payment Provide Accounts

To create a new Payment Provider Account using the search

Once on the page you need to click on the new button. This will open a blank card, where you will start to fill in the required setup.

Firstly, enter an appropriate Account Code in the General FastTab making sure to give it an appropriate Account Name. you will notice the Payment Provider Code, is already populated this defaults to the Payment Provider you were on in the previous screen.

In the Account FastTab you should enter a balancing account type and GL code/account number that Microsoft Dynamics NAV will use to balance the payments to – this generally tends to be a Bank Account.

On the Setup FastTab the field Show Payment Page if selected will open a confirmation payment screen. This will only happen once you have submitted the card details for that payment.

If you choose the Check Payment on Sales Release Microsoft Dynamics NAV will check to ensure a payment has been processed via payment gateway for the payment provider on the customer’s account before allowing release of the sales document.

Enabling Show Amount Confirmation will present a confirmation message.

The Account Detail FastTab holds information specific to each payment provider.

On creation of a new Payment Provider Account the Payment Provider Field Names are already populated it is the values that you will need to setup based on the provider you are creating,

  • Mode: This indicates whether the account is in Live or Test mode, select the appropriate setting depending on how you wish to use the account.

  • Transaction Type: Each payment provider will have a range of transaction types you can process through your account with them. This will usually be set to payment.

  • Apply 3D Secure: Apply 3D Secure is an extra fraud prevention tool that is available for eCommerce Transactions. For example; with SagePay the default value for this is 0, this means if 3D-Secure checks are possible and rules allow it will perform the checks.

  • Account Type: the value in this field depends on how you will be processing transactions and is specific to the payment provider you are setting up the account for.

Populating the values field involves you drilling down on the field. Each value presented is based on the payment provider code you populated.

NB: You may need to go through documentation provided by your payment provider in order to understand what values you need to populate against each Payment Provider Field.