Some of our Apps require a dependency, the installation of Clever Payment Gateway is one of those apps. Another app of ours called Clever Config will be installed at the same time.

NB: You should not uninstall Clever config if you plan on using the Clever Payment Gateway App.

Unlike some of our other apps Clever Payment Gateway requires all your setup to be done manually, which consists of you going into each of the setup pages (highlighted throughout the user guide) and creating the required business setup. We do help a little by providing you with the option to import our Default Configuration

Below we will explain the requirements for manually setting up the app and how importing the default configuration will save you time in getting the app ready for use. The first thing to do is navigate to Payment Gateway Page.

The first thing to do is click on the Actions tab on the ribbon and select the option Default Configuration.

Running the default configuration will populate the Web Service URL and Payment Providers (detailed further on in the documentation).

The Web Service URL field on the Web Service FastTab is populated so a connection to be made between your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment and Payment Gateway Service.

NB: The User Name, Password & Domain fields are something that you will need to request from our Clever Dynamics Support Team.

The next FastTab down is the Business Central Endpoint FastTab.

The details held in this FastTab are based on how the Payment Gateway service will communicate with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment with a response regarding a payment that was made.

On the Tenant FastTab you will see two fields Tenant Code and Access Key. The combination of these two ensures a payment can only be taken for the set specific company, a payment cannot be taken on behalf of a different company.

To generate the Tenant Code and Access Key, click on the Create Tenant action.

Based on the settings in the Web Service FastTab the Tenant Code and Access Key will be populated.

NB: If there is a problem with the setup an error message will appear on the screen. If this happens you will need to contact the Clever Dynamics Support Team to assist with the error, you are getting.

The other actions on the page include Test Connection – to make sure the connection with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment and Payment Gateway Service. If you click on Send Payment Settings action a file will be sent to Clever Dynamics Support Team detailing any changes that may have been made to the web service URL, for example if the company name has changed