Payment gateway acc priority

In some circumstances there is a requirement to associate an account or group of accounts to a particular payment provider as priority above others. On the Payment Provider Acc. Priority Page you can create such criteria to make sure this happens. The setup within this page means that based on the criteria met by the sales document the user does not have to think about which payment provider they should select instead it will automatically be selected for them.

To do this you first need to navigate to the Payment Provider Acc. Priority Page, you can simply use the search on the role centre to get there. Or navigate through the following path: Departments > Administration > Application Setup > Financial Management > Payment Gateway > Payment Provider Acc. Priority

Once on the page you are presented with a range of fields, by populating these fields you can set the criteria required per payment provider.

On the page click the New button to start creating an entry. Choose your Table No. this can be done either by manually typing in the number or choosing from the drop-down list of tables provided. By choosing your Table No, you are telling the addition that when a payment provider is selected you need it to filter the criteria based on this table. The Table Name will automatically populate on selecting the Table No.

The next field along is the Criteria it is in this field you determine the criteria that must be met by a sales document in order to have a certain payment provider take priority.

To set the criteria for the entry click on the assist button (three little dots) next to the field.

This will open the filter page, you need to do through the columns and filters and generate your criteria. The fields and options you can choose from in this table are based on the Table No you choose at the beginning of the setup.

The next bit of setup is around the Payment Provider Account, in here you select which payment provider will be chosen if the sales document meets the criteria. Simply type in the payment provider code if you know it or use the drop down to select from your list of payment providers you have setup.

Finally, to complete the entry setup you should (not required) give it a description. This is to help you and other users identify the criteria required for this entry. This stops duplicate entries being made and the need to go into the criteria field and check the setup behind it.

With your entry now created you can then go on to create multiple entries for the different payment providers you have setup and use. Options on the ribbon such as Move Up and Move Down means that accounts which meet the criteria of multiple payment providers will still automatically be assigned a payment provider based on where they sit on the page, so the higher up on the list the more frequent that payment provider will be selected.

NB: The automatic selection of a payment provider during the process is not set in stone it is simply a means to speed up the process. The user still has the option to change to a different payment provider at any point before payment must be taken.