Promotions Benefit FastTab

The final FastTab is the Promotions Benefit FastTab. This is what will happen to the sales document, the actual benefit(s) the promotion will give.

There are four types of Promotion Benefit that can applied: to All Lines, to create a New Line, to the Cheapest Line or to the Qualifying Lines.

Choosing the Benefit Target Type to be All Lines, implies that you want the promotion benefit to affect all lines on the Sales Document. If this option is selected, you should then choose the Benefit Target Item Type, indicating specifically what type of line you want the benefit to be applied to. Options include: Item, Item Discount Group or Promotion Code.

Once you have chosen your Benefit Target Item Type, the last bit of setup is to determine what you would like to happen to each line, your options include applying a Line Discount Amount or a Line Discount %. Once completed an optional confirmation checkbox, Prompt for Confirmation, will (if ticked) allow the user to manually include or exclude lines.

If the option New Line is selected as the Benefit Target Type it suggests that, if the Sales Document meets the qualifying criteria of the promotion then a new line will be added to your Sales Document. Choosing this option will automatically populate the Benefit Target Item Type (no drop down to show other options is necessary). You must then choose the Benefit Target Item No. to indicate which item will be added as a new line, as well as New Line Quantity (how much of the new item you want to add), Discount type and Discount Amount, which are mentioned above.

If you select the option Cheapest Line, this will give the chosen discount % or amount on the cheapest line of the sales document. If this option is chosen you must also setup the Discount Type and Discount Amount.

NB: When looking at the Cheapest Line, it is looking at the Sales Line with the cheapest Unit Price Exclu. VAT

The final Benefit Target Type that you can choose is Qualifying Lines, this gives a specific line discount percentage or amount to all the lines which qualify.

If the Prompt for Confirmation option is ticked then the user is presented with the Promotion Confirmation dialogue box, this gives a choice of which of these qualifying lines to allow the promotion to apply to. By default all the lines will be selected.

One setup field that hasn’t been mentioned yet as part of the Promotion Benefit is Split Benefit Across Target Lines

If this option has been left on (this is the default behaviour) it will result in the benefit (the discount) being applied to each of the lines which are targeted (ones that qualify under the Qualification Criteria).

For example, if the discount is set at £120 and three lines are identified as qualifying to receive discount then each of the three lines will receive a £120 discount, this would give £360 total discount.

If this is left unticked, it will result in the benefit (the discount) being split proportionally across the lines which are targeted (ones that qualify under the Qualification Criteria), so if three lines are identified as qualifying to receive the £120 discount then it will be spread proportionally over the three lines, giving a total discount of £120.