General FastTab

Keeping with the manual setup, when you click on the New button, a Promotion Card will open.

The Promotion Card shows the detail for one individual promotion. It gives the filtering criteria for that promotion, this is a specific set of rules that need to be met to qualify for the promotions benefit.

The first part of the Promotions Card is the General FastTab. This includes the unique identifier (No.) a brief description of the promotion, along with general rules for the promotion, such as: the date range that the promotion will be valid for (if left blank it will apply on all dates); whether it cannot be combined with other promotions (explained below); if it applies to a specific currency code (blank means LCY – local currency, taken from the General Ledger Setup); whether conversion from other currencies is allowed (explained below); whether benefit multiplication is allowed and whether or not the promotion is enabled.

Allocating a currency code means the promotion will only apply to sales documents where the same currency code has been assigned.

If you have setup a currency specific promotion card, or a blank code to use your local currency, orders you will not be able to apply the promotion to a sales document with a different currency code, it will error stating 'nothing to apply' unless you have selected allow currency conversion on the promotion card.

NB: If a promotion is not ticked as enabled, it will not take effect, or be visible as a promotion to apply, even if its qualifying criteria are met.

Looking in more detail at the General FastTab, there are two fields which when selected will change the behaviour of the promotion in certain scenarios. The first is Cannot be Combined, this field has a range of options which you can select from: Blank, On Document or On Line.

If the option is left Blank, then it means that this promotion can be applied to a Sales document providing you qualify for it.

If you choose to set it to On Document, it means that no other promotion can be applied to a sales document where a promotion already exists, even if some of the lines could qualify for another promotion.

The final option is On Line, choosing this option means that if a line qualifies for a promotion another promotion cannot be applied to that same line, even if that line qualifies for a different promotion.

The second setup field is Allow Benefit Multiplication.

Selecting this option determines whether the benefit of the promotion can be multiplied or not. If this tick box has been selected then the benefits will accrue automatically, allowing the benefit of the promotion to be multiplied.

For example, with a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) promotion, if this option has been ticked on the Promotion Card then it will allow multiplication, so that if the customer buys three of item X they get another three free.

However, for some other promotions it may not be practical to have this multiplication effect, for example in a "spend £100 on X and get £20 off" promotion the company may not want to give a £40 discount if the customer spends £200. In that case on the Promotion Card the user should leave Allow Benefit Multiplication unticked.