Qualification Criteria FastTab

With the Customer FastTab filled in, we then move onto the Qualification Criteria FastTab. This sets the filter criteria that decides if the specific details on the Sales Document, for that eligible Customer or Customer Price Group, qualify for the promotion.

On this tab you can set to filter by minimum quantity, minimum amount, or promotion codes. Below are the different options you have, to determine how to setup your qualification.

The first thing to do is setup your Criteria type. If you choose from the dropdown Minimum Quantity (Base), you must also fill in the Amount field, the Item Type (detailed further on in the user guide) and the Item No. field. By choosing this option you are indicating that, to qualify for the promotion, an item on the sales document, matching the Item No in the qualification criteria must have quantity matching or greater than the Amount field in the setup.

If you choose to set the criteria type as Minimum Amount, you must also fill in the following fields: Amount, Item Type and Item No. to qualify for this promotion you are indicating that the value of the line with an item matching that of the Item No in your setup must be equal to or greater than the Amount (as a monetary value) populated as part of your qualification criteria.

The final criteria type that you can choose is Promotion Code, this is detailed further on in the user guide as there is separate setup around this option.

As previously mentioned, there are different Item Types that you can choose from. Selecting any one of these options will affect the way in which both the Item No. field is populated as well as the way in which your qualification criteria will work.

If you choose the option Item, then when you use the assist edit (the drop - down arrow next to the field) on the Item No field you will be presented with your Item List.

Choosing the option Item Discount Group, your drop-down list will be of the Item Discount Groups you have setup in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

NB: Item Discount Groups are applied to Items; the set-up field can be found on the Item card under the Pricing & Sales FastTab

The final option to choose from is the Promotion Item Group. Promotion Item Groups are used for assigning a defined set of items to a promotion. A promotion can be created so that when the qualifying criteria are met, items in the Promotion Item Group will receive a discount.

Choose New from the Promotion Item Group list to create new groups. The Add Items action allows filters to be used to quickly assign many items to the group, but items can be added to promotion group lines manually as well.