Sales Input Log Triggers

Once installed the Clever Sales Input Log app needs a small amount of setup in order to work. All setup is done on a page called Sales Input Log Code Triggers.

To get to the Sales Input Log Code Triggers page simply navigate using the Search on your role centre.

Clicking on the option in your search will open up the Sales Input Log Code Triggers page. You will see that the page is currently blank.

To help with the setup a default configuration package has been created for this app to import some of the code triggers which we believe you will need.

Sales Input Code Triggers are created so that All sales activities are captured rather than just some.

NB: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central sets some activities by design to be (FALSE) on certain actions.

To import the Default Configuration package, click on the Actions button in the ribbon and select the default configuration action. The Default configuration package has lines that define in the standard code places we need to track.

NB: This page is editable meaning it can be used to capture sales line activity from any bespoke apps you may have that update the lines in some way.

The action will pull through 3 record entries, each stating the Object Type, this indicates where the trigger is run from. Based on the object type the Object ID is populated, again this is where it will run form. The Object Name is based on the Object ID. The Function Name against each record states when the trigger will be actioned, creating an entry in the Sales Input Log.