Modifying a Sales Order

Just like your normal Sales Order process you will begin by creating a Sales Orders. This can either be done via the customer or clicking on the Search and navigating the Sales Orders Page.

Begin your Sales Order, making sure you fill in the fields for the Sales No. and Customer, before beginning a Sales Line for the product(s) you wish to Order.

NB: If you choose to click on the Sales Order button from the customer list the Customer No, on the Sales Order will already be populated.

You may decide partly the way through the Sales Order that you want to modify it slightly, for example by changing the Quantity of the item line from 2 to 4.

Once the sales order has been modified if you go to the Sales Input Log Entries page you can see your modifications.

If you look at Entry No’s 108, 107 and 106 highlighted, you can see the changes we made to the Sales Order documented here. If you look at the Old and New Quantity fields, the change from a Quantity of 2 to 4 has been recorded.