Reorder Items

On install of the app a function called Reorder Items is added to the ribbon of new sales documents, this will be available on Sales Orders, Sales Quotes, Sales Invoices, Blanket Sales Orders and Sales Return Orders.

Once you’ve entered a customer number on the document the Reorder Items button will become available for you to select.

Go to functions and click on Reorder Items to view a list of previously ordered items. This list comprises of information taken from posted documents such as posted sales shipments and invoices. It will not include any items currently on open or released but unposted sales orders.

Enter a number in the Quantity column for each item you wish to add to the sales document lines, this also updated the Quantity (Base) fields.

Use the back arrow to close the page and the sales order will update with the items and quantities you’ve entered on the page.

Once the lines have been added to the order you can amend/delete as necessary and complete the order.

NB: Only items that have been previously ordered and are on a posted sales document will be available to select from the Sales Reorder Item list page. If a customer orders item A for the first time, this will not be available on sales reordering until the document has been posted.