Extension Management

When you install Clever Shipment Agent Integration from AppSource, four extensions are installed for you. If you manually install you will need to install the following extensions in the following order.

  1. Clever Config at least version 1.6 or above. If you use any of the Clever Dynamics apps you may already have Clever Config installed, it controls inter app communications and licensing for all our applications.

  2. Clever Inbound Documents at least version 1.4 or above. This is not actually used for Clever Shipping Agent Integration but is a mandatory dependency for Clever Integration.

  3. Clever Integration at least version 1.2 or above. This is used for communicating with the different shipping agent's APIs. All the message requests and responses are handled by Clever Integration.

  4. Shipping Agent Integration at least version 2.3 or above.

  5. Clever PrintNode at least version 1.2 or above. This is optional, often used for printing the shipping agent labels on the right label printer but you can use alternative print solutions if you have them.

  6. Clever Document Delivery at least version 2.18.0. This is optional but is used to send emails with the shipping agents tracking reference and URL plus any document defined as needing to be attached.