Shipping Agent Integration Setup

After you have setup up the Clever PrintNode Integration App you can start to setup the Clever Shipping Integration side. Unlike some of our other apps there is no default configuration that is run. This is because the setup of the Shipping Agent is held within the app you installed.

First, we need to complete the setup page by setting a No. Series for consignments and selecting an automated print option such as PrintNode.

Find the page by searching tell me for ‘Shipping Agent Integration Setup’.

Complete the following fields

Consignment Nos. : Select a No. Series for Consignments, note this is mandatory.

Default Content Description: Required for export only, this is the default package content description for the type of items that you are shipping. Limited to 30 characters due to electronic customs filing rules.

Printer Handler: Select a Print Handler if you have one installed , note this is optional but will make the printing of labels more difficult if they have to be downloaded via your browser.

Ship & Invoice Exports: If set to yes this removes the ship only option from warehouse shipments as an invoice number must be specified for exports, it is considerably easier if the transaction is shipped and invoiced on shipment for exports.

If you have Clever Document Delivery installed, you will see the Document Delivery section at the bottom. Please refer to the Clever Document Delivery page to configure this if you haven’t already.

Consignment Document Type: Select Consignment (CSGN)

Send E-mail on Submit: If set to yes this will email confirmation that the package is on its way and provide tracking information.