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Warehouse Android App


  • Added hidden UPCA checksum setting

  • Improved child form error message

  • Old errors and events are cleared when the app starts up

  • gs1 formatting exceptions are no longer sent to AppCenter

  • Added extra data to the error logger

  • Large error messages are truncated and the user is given an option to tap on them to see them

  • Fixed recursive logging problem

  • Fixed invalid setup token locking the app

  • Multiple settings files can be imported.

  • Settings files are checked on every start, even if there are already settings present.

  • Translations added from the Speech to Text branch




  • Non beta release of all the changes since v7.2.2.0:

  • Added a couple of Idents to the gs1 parser (243 and 403)

  • Fixed layout issue in the Question view

  • Made drawer content scrollable

  • Improved management of Honeywell barcode scanner - made it thread safe and made it respond to lifecycle events

  • Removed text from transaction textbox after a barcode has been scanned

  • Fixed back pressed bug when a text entry is displayed

  • Improved event logging

  • Improved responsiveness of busy pop up

  • Fixed transaction / enquiry no matching data items error message layout bug

  • The download pictures routine is only called if there are pictures to download

  • Hardware hot keys are supported on the Honeywell EDA60K

  • Communication times are logged

  • Stopped double clicks on the post / options button

  • Scanner is disabled on Post

  • Fixed duplicate error message issue with gs1 enquiries

  • Barcode scanning defaults to standardgs1




  • Public release of Handheld Framework 7.2 compatible version

  • \<br/> is only swapped with \n in text fields in the web implementations.

  • userID used instead of userId in GetWarehouseUser.

  • Stopping and Starting the scanner is logged.

  • GetHandheldAppVersions is called to work out the version of the Handheld Framework. If this method is not present in the WSDL the version of the Handheld Framework is assumed to be 7.1

  • Login process for 7.2 now supported. Compatibility with 7.1 maintained. Removed formatting characters from company name on the login screen. Handled non granting of camera permissions better.

  • Web service name is worked out by probing the WSDL - N.B. the possible options are WhseWebService or HandheldFramework (or a name supplied by the registration service).

  • Intervening versions are Speech to Text POC packages.

  • Fixed squashed button bug.

  • Fixed bug after scanning a token barcode.