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What are Device Functions?

With the initial setup complete you can now start to go through some of the setup pages to either change what has already been configured and setup or add to the setup.

The next page down in the menu is the Device Functions. This page displays all functions that the devices can run. There are 2 types of function there is a Transaction Function these types of functions allow the user to go into the data items table and fields which are not fixed can be disabled.

Then there is an Enquiry Transaction these functions have an Enquiry Code populated next to them; you can drill into these codes to create further setup against the enquires.

Any Function that is set as Enquiry doesn’t have any data items created for it as it is a function that shows details to the customer based on prompt. These types of device functions will be explained further on in the user guide.

To view the Data Items for a device function, you simply highlight the function you want to view the data items for a then click on the Data Items button.

The data item shows the Function Code (the function you highlighted in the previous screen), as well as the Name and Description of the fields that make up that function. You will then see 2 fields at the end of the page called Fixed and Enabled.

Items which are marked as fixed are enabled and cannot be disabled – these are prompts that must be asked for this function to work correctly.

Item which aren’t fixed can be either enabled or disabled, disabling a data item in the function indicates to the device that the users don’t need to be prompted for this piece of information for the function to be completed.

For example, the Package Tracking has been added as part of the Sales Order process therefore they don’t need the warehouse to change it as they have already handled this field, not flagging it as enabled means it won’t get prompted for on the device.

NB: If you press on the option Generate Functions it will overwrite any changes you have made around data items and import the default configuration again.

Languages and Captions

From the Device Functions and the Data Items page, you can set up different languages and translations for the captions.

Changing the Function names and Data Item names have never been easier. From the Device Functions page simply click on the Name field to edit the function name presented to the user.

From the Device Functions Data Items page, you would edit the Description field to change the caption and prompt presented to users on the device.

To set the captions to be in different languages click on the three little dots next to the Name field (device functions) or description field (device functions data types) opening the Translations page for your selected device function.

In here you can then select your Language ID, use the drop-down arrow next to the field to show a list of languages you can choose from. Based on your selection this will populate the field Language Name. Once selected then put in the Translation Text.

The language shown on your device will then be based on the Handheld Users, Language ID.

This means that each of your handheld users can have the functions and prompts presented to them in known languages with known captions.

NB: If left blank against the user it will use the default text GB.