Default Configuration Packages

The first thing to do is to navigate to the Handheld Whse. Setup page. You can do this by using the search and typing in Handheld Whse. Setup.

Once the Handheld Whse. Setup page opens, you will see a range of FastTabs on the page, each holding setup fields and options. Along the top of the page (although initially hidden) you will see a range of Processes and Actions, both holding the same functions. It is these that you want to run first.

Mentioned previously, these actions relate to the default configuration functions you can run which assist with your Clever Handheld for Warehousing setup. The first configuration package to run is labelled Default Configuration. This package will run through the handheld setup pages and create the default setup in some of the fields, as you continue through the user guide you will see what the fields have been populated with and what you can change them to should you require.

The next two functions will populate default setup in other tables. Generate Default Menus will create a default device menu which can be applied to certain warehouse users or be used as a template to create other menus. The final configuration package to run is Generate Enquires, although another function that the devices offer to customers the setup behind the creation of enquires means that further setup tables are required. The three functions mentioned here will be detailed further on in the user guide.

NB: There is no requirement to run the default configuration packages, if you prefer you can go through each of the tables manually and do all the setup yourself. Using the configuration packages gives you more of a guideline indicating what needs to be populated in each field.