Receipt FastTab

The next FastTab down is the Receipt FastTab.

Enabling the option Delivery Reference, will determine whether the device will prompt the user on receipt, recording the information against the inbound document. On your Posted Warehouse Receipts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV the Vendor Shipment No will be populated with the GRN number (Goods Receipt Number).

On the field Receipt Label Report ID, you can either type in or choose from the drop down your receipt label report ID. This setup is linked to a previous field mentioned in the General FastTab called Internal Barcode Delimiter.

When you receipt in your goods based on the Report ID populated in this field it will generate your Put-away labels ready for the next stage of your goods-in process.

The final field on the Receipts FastTab is the Move/Pick Line Lookup. By enabling this option during either your movements or picking functions the device will present you with a list of activity lines to process rather than giving you the next one. This is useful especially for picking where you may want to pick a line halfway down the order rather than the next line presented to you on the device.