Req & Req. Phys. Inventory FastTabs

Our App provides you will two different ways in which a stock count can be done. The first is called a Physical Inventory Count (Phys. Inventory). The second is Requested Physical Inventory Count. Although they do the same thing, they both work differently on the device and in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The first of the two fast tabs is labelled Phys. Inventory FastTab. You will notice the default configuration has populated some of the fields, which as you know these can be changed to suit your business needs.

The first field in the FastTab is the Whse. Phys. Inv. Template. This is the Journal template that will be used when your users are updating lines, they have just counted which have been assigned to them via Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The field Pick Count Whse. Batch is the field

The final field on the FastTab applies to either way of doing a stock count. If the option Blind Stock Count, is ticked the calculated quantity will not be displayed on the device during a stock count

The second of the FastTabs is the Req. Phys. Inventory FastTab. The difference between doing a Phys. Inventory stock count and a Req. Phys. Inventory is that the user doing the count is the one creating the journal in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The app has two options for creating the journal your user creates when counting. The journal can be created with the batch name being the UserID of the device or you can choose a default batch name that you want all the journal lines been posted to. If you plan on using the Default Batch for Req Phys., then you must make sure you enable that option. Once enabled you then need to fill in the other fields on the FastTab, indicating the journal in which you would like all your users to post their count lines to.