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Version 1.1.23 – Release Details

Change Type Description
Enhancement Update App.Json

Version 1.1.22


  • Support Irish Post Codes

Version 1.1.21


  • Update ready status on setup change

  • Historic routes

  • Respect calendar customisation – non-working day to be a working day

  • Update tests to run in sandbox container

  • Convert custom sorting options to enums and add events into WhseSubscriptions codeunit to allow a custom subscriber to handle a custom value that has been added to the enum and updated the sorting sequence of the pick lines.

  • Enforce licensing - Check/create a license when the Shipment Management Routes page is opened. Allow all other logic to run as usual, even in the absence of a license.

  • Add Events On Calculating Weights/Volumes on Shipment Mgt. Entries

  • Implement Reserve Inventory Status

  • BC17 Compatibility

  • Delivery schedule dates changed for deliveries outside of regular schedule

  • Support Irish & French Postcodes

Bug Fixes

  • Switching back to Default Shipping Address does not update Del Area on Sales Line

Version 1.1.14


  • Respect Customer/Vendor Base Calendar when Scheduling if they have one, base calendar customizations are respected as well as the base calendar itself.

Version 1.1.12


  • Update Logo and Manifest for AppSource

Version 1.1.11

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for postcode overflow error so customer orders that have a postcode of longer than 10 characters can be released to a shipment management route.

  • Fix to mixed drop entries that arise when moving lines from one route to another, if there is already a drop on the route for the same customer and the lines are moved this would create an extra drop on the route as opposed to grouping it onto the same drop no. Fix applied so it finds the existing drop and the shipment management entries under each drop number are for the correct destination number.

Version 1.1.10


  • New fields added to shipment management entries list page and available as flow fields to the Drop and Route records:

  • Quantity (Base)

  • Amount Exc. VAT (LCY)

    Amount inc. VAT (LCY)

Version 1.1.9


  • Control for Moving Lines/Drops - There is a new column on the Status List page to determine whether drops can be moved to/from a route when it is at this status.

  • Print Documentation Including Incorrect Sales Shipments

Bug Fixes

  • Delivery Order Reset to 0 On Whse. Shipment Posting – this happens when the Posting Date of the Whse. Shipment is different to the Posting Date of the Sales Order(s). In that case, the Sales Order(s) are reopened and released by the standard posting routine which in turn deletes and recreates the Shipment Mgt. Drop records.

    • A fix is in place for posting the warehouse shipment from the Shipment Mgt. Route list or card. This behaviour may persist if the warehouse shipment is posted from the Whse. Shipment card page.
  • Reverse delivery order is not sorting by bin code



  • Create Consolidated Whse. Shipment - Check whether any of the lines on the selected Route will be included on a Warehouse Shipment before creating the shipment header.



  • Process Non-Next Status Code Requires Shipment Management Supervisor - Extra controls have been introduced when attempting to process a status other than the next planned for a route (either by going to a previous status or selecting a different status in the factbox). Only supervisors – designated on their Warehouse Employee record – can process statuses other than the next.

Bug fixes

  • Fix to processing of status codes from Shipment Mgt. Route FactBox

  • Destination No. populated on Shipment Management Entry records

  • Ready flag on Shipment Management Entry records respected in Amount (LCY) flow fields.

  • Handling of lines created/deleted during assembly BOM explosion

Version 1.1.8


  • Hide Status - Optionally hide status codes from the factbox with the Hide Status checkbox on the setup page.

  • Process Automatically - The “Process Next Immediately” concept has been altered to “Process Automatically”. When ticked this status will be processed immediately the route is updated to it. This allows the user to chain several statuses together e.g. to include codeunits to perform checks on the route before posting documents.

  • Linking Report Selections with Route Statuses - A new Status Code field on the Report Selection page allows reports to be linked to a given status code. The SM – Print Documentation codeunit will print records matching the current status code.

  • Custom Pick Sorting Includes Bin Code - Sorting by Delivery Order now also sorts by Bin Code within each set of pick lines that share the same delivery order.

  • Support for Printing Warehouse Activity Headers in Report Selections - Warehouse Activity Header can now be selected under the “Filter Report By” column on the Report Selection page. The report identified in the “Report ID” column will be filtered to print Warehouse Activity Header records which have at least one line included on the Route that is being printed.

  • Highlighting Status Path for Given Shipping Agent - The Route Status List page now includes a Shipping Agent Code field. When this is populated each status that is relevant to the selected agent is highlighted allowing the user to visualise the path through the statuses.