Delivery Area Schedules

Once you have completed your setup of both Delivery Area and Delivery Schedules it is time to build up the matrix that combines the two bits of setup together. This can be accessed via the search or the ribbon action on the Delivery Area or Delivery Schedule page.

On the Delivery Area Schedule page, you can assign Delivery Schedules to Delivery Areas.

NB: Depending on how you end up on the Delivery Schedule page it may be filtered. This could either be by Delivery Area Code or Delivery Schedule Code.

Once on the page you start to go through the different columns filling in the relevant bits of data. The first field is the Delivery Area Code, this is the delivery area assigned to the delivery schedule. Multiple areas can use the same schedule.

The next field along is the Location Code. You can change it from its default location against the Delivery Area should you require. The location code picked will handle orders for this Delivery Area Code

Next populate the Shipping Agent Code and the Shipping Agent Service Code.

NB: The list for the Shipping Agent Service Code will reduce, based on the Shipping Agent code you choose in the previous field.

Next you need to populate the Delivery Area Schedules which determine the date the user can give to the customer that they will deliver their order and collect their return. This is driven by:

• The delivery area that the order/collection falls into

• The location code that is handling the order

• The shipping agent that is handling the delivery

The final fields are optional you can setup Default Vehicles and Drivers which are specific to a schedule for an area.

Now when an order is created that meets the criteria of a Delivery Area Schedule, the order will be added to a Shipment Management Route.