Delivery Schedules

When you are setting up the Delivery Schedules, you are determining the days available for delivery and the order cut off times. Once Delivery Schedules are created they are assigned to a Delivery Area, creating a schedule for a specific delivery area.

Choose New to create a new Delivery Schedule or Manage > Edit to make changes to an existing one.

On the Lines FastTab of the Delivery Schedule Card you can select the Day of week that deliveries will be dispatched.

Setting the Departure Time tells the warehouse the time the delivery will leave

By choosing to set the Order Cut-Off Date Calc, you are telling users the latest an order can be placed before having to be moved to the next delivery date. For example, if the Order Cut-Off Date Calc was set to 1D (this is a set to be a date formula), an order would need to be placed 24 hours before the delivery departure time to make that day’s delivery.

At the same time, you can have Order Cut-Off Time which determines that orders placed after this time will miss the cut off and be on the following shipment, to allow accurate order promising to customers and avoid overloading the warehouse with last minute additions. For example, order before 2pm for next day delivery.