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Shipment Mgt. Route Card

Once all your orders are on routes in the Shipment Management Routes screen, you can highlight a route and click View/Edit in the ribbon to view the Route card:

The Route Card shows the details of individual delivery routes. From here you can manage the order of drops on the delivery or move drops to another existing route or create a new route altogether.

The General FastTab of the Route Card shows basic information about the route such as the Delivery Area code, Location Code, Shipment Date, the Vehicle and Driver assigned to the route.

You can also see the Warehouse details for the route such as the number of picks lines and shipments lines. The Shipment Bin indicates the bin that items are placed into by inventory picks.

You can also see information for the status of the route as well as the code description.

The Totals FastTab of the Shipment Management Route Card shows the total volume, net weight and gross weight of the shipment. These values are taken from the respective fields on the Item table. This is used for planning the amount of deliveries that can be fit onto the vehicle.


The Drops FastTab of the Shipment Management Route Card shows each destination on the delivery route. This is where the order of the route drops can be managed.

Move Up & Move Down will move the selected drop up or down in the delivery order.

Move Lines

Allows you to move a drop to an existing or new route. If it is decided it’s more efficient to move the drop to a different route, you have two options; move it to an existing route or create a new route.

If moving to an existing Route, check the Existing Route box, and the select the Route number for the drop to be transferred to. If you know the route number you’d like to move the Drop to you can fill this in, alternatively select the drop-down arrow and this will open a list of valid existing routes available for you to move the drop to. The list will automatically filter for the relevant location code a date filter greater than or equal to todays work date.

If moving to a new Route, check the New Route box and fill in the details of the new Route to be created.

NB: When moving a drop to a new route Shipment Management permits you to override the delivery date to one which is not scheduled as per the setup for that delivery area schedule.

If you move drops to a route under a different delivery area the delivery order on the route for the drops will be reset to zero, you will then need to move the drops up/down accordingly to give the route an order.

You can view the Shipment Management Entries that make up each drop by highlighting the drop and clicking on entries, this will give you the order and item information being delivered to the customer.

Save Delivery Order

Saving the delivery order is useful in instances where the route has a drop number you would not typically have in the delivery area.

In the example below, customer C00120 drops have been moved onto a new route moved to be the first drop of the delivery order.

To save this delivery order you can highlight the drop you have just added and click on Save Delivery Order. This will show a prompt where you can enter the delivery area code you want to save this to.

Once this is filled in the system will show the existing delivery order lines for the selected delivery area code.

You can then specify whether I want the drop to deliver this drop first, last, before or after the selected drop. Click OK and the delivery area will be updated with the changes.

Saving the delivery order allows you to amend the existing delivery area card to incorporate the updated delivery order changes.