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Shipment Mgt. Routes

Now that all the setup has been completed you are now ready to start using the addition. As soon as you navigate to the Shipment Mgt. Route screen you will see a list of Sales Orders.

The delivery of the goods is scheduled in the Shipment Mgt. Route page are based on the shipment management criteria. Orders that are within the same Delivery Area, Location Code, Shipping Agent and Shipping Agent Service will be placed on the same delivery route. Shipments and Picks for the route can then be created and posted from the Route list.

The Shipment Management Route page shows a summary of each scheduled delivery route. The list can be filtered for a specific location order shipping date. Using the Edit or View buttons, or double clicking the route will open the details of the route.

The routes page will automatically filter to show routes for your work date and default location code as per the warehouse employee record.

Based on the line that you are highlighting the Status code will change for that route, highlighted in the FactBox on the page.

Creating warehouse shipments, picks, registering picks and posting and printing shipment (or pick instruction) documents can be carried out using the Process function in the ribbon. This will process a selected routes’ status for the highlighted route.

Users can click on the Previous button in the ribbon to move a route back to a previous status if needed.


Highlighted routes can be progressed by using the Process button on the ribbon of the Shipment Mgt. Routes screen.

This will progress the route onto the next status code in its sequential order.

You can use this to process routes individually or select multiple routes using the CTRL button on your keyboard.

NB: Only routes with the same Status Code can be processed together.

Previous Status

You can use the previous status function to move the route back for example if you want to reprint documentation, you can move the route back to this status code and reprocess. (you must be setup as a shipment management supervisor to do this).

Status Codes FactBox

Within the FactBox there is a process function, this works differently to when processing a route from the main Process button in the Ribbon.

The FactBox allows you to select any shown status code and process this again manually if needed, even if the status selected is not next in the sequence. For example you can select a code that has already been processed and reprocess this providing some conditions are met.

In order to process a status code that is not next in the sequence the user must be setup as a Shipment Management Supervisor for the relevant location code, this is a setting on the Warehouse Employees setup.

If all the setup above is correct you will receive a prompt as per below when trying to process a status that is not next in the sequence. The sequence is dictated by the setup in the Route Status List which can be accessed from the Shipment Management Setup.

If a user without the correct permissions, attempts to process a status code of a route that is not next in the sequence, they will receive an error message like the one below: