Collections FastTab

As part of the app we also work on the purchase side of things, making sure your warehouse managers know not only what is leaving the warehouse but what is also returning in. The settings in the Collections FastTab deals with picking up purchase orders and sales return orders.

When selecting your Collection Shipment Method, you should set it to the Shipment Method Code that will be used on Purchase Orders that will be collected via Shipment Management.

The code should indicate the goods are going to be picked up by a Shipment Management Driver. When a Purchase Order is created, and a Shipment Method is entered that matches the Collection Shipment Method in setup, the order will be added to a Shipment Management Route for collection.

You can either type in the code if you know it or select from the drop-down list. The list will show all the shipment methods you have created in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Collection Shipping Agent & Collection Shipping Agent Service Code, these are two fields that you won’t find on the Purchase Order header. These fields are however required to make sure that your orders are put on the correct routes and schedules for the drivers so that they know a collection as well as a delivery needs to be made. Purchase Orders will be added to Routes using a Delivery Schedule that matches the Collection Shipping Agent and Collection Shipping Agent Code.

For Sales Return Orders: Sales Return Orders that are created with a Shipping Agent Code and Shipping Agent Service Code that match the Collections setup will be added to the relevant Shipment Management Route.

NB: If you do not wish to have purchase orders on shipment management routes leave these collections fields blank.