Report Selections

Shipment Management has its own means of printing documentation relating to the drop off and collection of goods.

There is a button on the Action Tab of the Shipment Management Setup page called Report Selection which when selected, will open a new window that displays the Shipment Management Report Selection where you can setup various report IDs that are to be printed when a specific Status Code is processed on the Shipment Management Routes screen.

You can specify which report ID you want to print, how you would like the report to be filtered, the sorting method (currently only option is delivery order) and then in ascending or descending order.

The status code field allow you to easily link different reports IDs for the various Shipping Agent Codes setup and their respective status codes. Additionally, there is a field for the Printer Name, so rather than using the standard printer selections if this information is populated the system will print as per the custom setup in this screen.