• I get an error message about the Dimension Unit of measure when clicking on the action Registering with Shipping Agent, but I have set it against packaging?

The Dimension Unit of Measure is probably not acceptable for the Shipping Agent you are registering your shipment with. The Code Conversion tab on the Shipping Agent Card has the accepted ones. If there is a code conversion that is not in the list when you drop down on the Dimension Unit of Measure fields, you will have to cerate it before selecting it.

  • The error message keeps telling me there is an issue with the Global Product Code, what does it mean?

Global Product Codes come from the Shipping Agent Service. When the Shipping Agent apps is installed new Agent Services will be imported you must select one of these when creating your sales document to Register with your Shipping Agent.

Here are a few other reasons why the Registering with your Shipping Agent might fail:

  • The packaging has not been applied to the Posted Sales Shipment - you can add it before posting the Sales Document or you can apply/modify on the Posted Sale Order before registering.

  • You have not applied a default label to the Shipping agent card.

  • You Shipment Date is more than 10 days into the future.

  • There are certain restrictions regarding the packaging sizes, you may need to reference documentation from the Shipping Agent to keep within their limitations.

  • The details on the Shipping Agent card in the General FastTab are missing or incorrect.

    • Make sure the Account Number is correct and entered

    • That the User ID and Password are correct.