Registering With Shipping Agent

To register your Shipment with the Shipping Agent, you begin the process by creating your Sales Orders.

On the Shipping and Billing FastTab of the Sales Order, you need to make sure the Agent field is populated with one of the shipping agents you are using as part of the integration. Also make sure Agent Service field is populated.

NB: The installation of the Shipping Agent app will create new Agent Services, you must remember to choose one of those agent services specifically as to not get an error during registration

Once you have completed your Sales Order you may do one of two things, release the Sales Order to move it onto the next stage of the picking and shipping process. Or release the Sales Order to post the goods directly from the Sales Order.

NB: The Shipment Date can only be 10 days into the future from todays date not the working date of you Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

If you plan on creating a Warehouse Shipment and a Warehouse Pick you must post the Warehouse Shipment before running the action Add Packaging. If not on Release of the Sales Order you will click on the Action.

The Add Packaging option can be located on the Actions Tab of the Sales Order

This function will open the Shipping Agents Packaging List page, where you will select the Packaging Type the order is going out on, and the Total Weight. Use the drop-down arrow on the Package Type field to get the list of Packaging you have available to select from

These pieces of data will be passed to the Shipping Agent as part of the web service.

To register the information with your chosen Shipping Agent, you will need to go to Posted Sales Shipments.

Find your posted document and click on the action Register with Shipping Agent.

If you have Use Test URL enabled, you will get the following pop up appear on your screen:

Otherwise a pop up will come up saying whether it has successfully sent through the web service or not.

NB: If it has been successful a label will print out for you to stick on the Shipment.

Other options on the Posted Sales Shipment include Reprint Label, which will reprint the label created and printed during the action to Register with Shipping Agent.

If you click on action Modify Packaging, you can change or add packaging details you before Registering with Shipping Agent.

The other option is to create a Consignment. Creating a Consignment allows you to group different shipments for the same customer in one consignment. You might use this in instances where you plan on putting several shipments which have been posted throughout the day for the one customer in one parcel rather than in several smaller parcels.

To create a consignment, highlight the shipment or shipments you want to group together.

NB: If you select orders for different sell to customers an error will appear on the screen.

Clicking the option will then open a consignment document pulling through the header details from the shipments and the lines from eth shipments selected.

If further shipments need to be added to the consignment users can use the action Get Source Document.

The Shipments are filtered to only show shipments for the customers on the consignment header, stopping users from choosing a shipment for a different customer.