Shipping Agent Integration Setup

After you have setup up the Clever PrintNode Integration App you can start to setup the Clever Shipping Integration side. Unlike some of our other apps there is no default configuration that is run. This is because the setup of the Shipping Agent is held within the app you installed.

The first thing to do is to navigate to the Shipping Agent Integration Setup page, use the search to navigate to the page.

On the setup screen you will need to populate the Consignment Nos. and Print Handler field.

You will need to create a consignment no series, make sure to have Default Nos flagged against that newly created no series.

You can then move onto choosing your print handler.

To assist with populating the code click on the three little dots next to the field to open up a list of possible Print handlers. In here click on the one you will be using for printing the Shipping Agent labels.

NB: Installing and setting up Clever PrintNode Integration will automatically create an record in this screen for you to select.