General FastTab

Once you have completed the initial setup you will need to navigate to the Shipping Agent List to create and configure your Shipping Agents.

On the page you will need to click on the New action, this will open a Shipping Agent Card. Initially the fields on screen will be blank.

If you click on the Shipping Agent Code field and use the dropdown next to the field, you can select your Shipping Agent Code.

The Codes in the list are based on your Shipping Agent that you also installed (the one named after your Shipping agent service i.e. DPD, DHL, FedEx…)

By selecting the Shipping Agent Code all defaults relating to the Shipping agent will be populated.

You can now go through each of the defaults and modify them, accordingly, based on your business requirements.

On the General FastTab the following fields have been populated, by selecting the Shipping Agent:

The Shipping Agent Name will be populated with the name of the Shipping Agent Code you selected.

The fields Web Service URL & Test Web Service URL hold the URL’s that will be used when making a call from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to the Shipping Agent

By default, the Use Test URL will be enabled. If enabled it means that you won’t be able to send shipping details to the live service only the Test Web Service URL, once disabled then Shipping details will start to go to the Web Service URL.

The User Name and Password are populated with the details of the user who is creating the Shipping Agent, these details are used when the Live Web Service is being accessed.

There are fields on the General FastTab that won’t be populated by default and require you to populate. You will need to fill in the Account No. field with the account number you have with the Shipping Agent.

If the Shipping Agent, you are using requires a password when making a call to the web service populate the field Service Access Password.

The final field Label Code should be populated to indicate by default what type of label you want sent by the carrier. If you know the code, then type it in or use the dropdown next to the field to choose from one of the Shipping Agents default labels.