Clever Interactions and To-do

The customers balance can be visible on the Clever Credit List page which can be drilled down into giving access to the Customer Ledger Entries that make up that balance.


The customers balance can be seen on the Clever Credit List page which can be drilled in to, providing access to the Customer Ledger Entries that make up the balance seen on the page by selecting your line and then Ledger Entries.

From here you can then use the Create Interaction button to create a Clever Credit Interaction for a single or selection of ledger entries.


Clever Credit Interactions are a way of recording interactions with customers related to Clever Credit. The Create Interaction button is also available directly from the Clever Credit Screen, and from the Customer Card.

Once the Clever Credit Interaction is open, you will have quick access to the necessary information for making a phone call to the customer. You can see each customer ledger entry, along with the amount and due date of the payment. The Credit Control Contact details are shown, and notes can be added to the interaction for future reference.

The record caption will show the Customer Name, Interaction DateTime and Description values.


Ticking to Select individual invoices being discussed will add up the amounts and populate the fields Selected Entries Remaining Amount & Selected Entries Remaining Amount (LCY), on the interaction header. As you select and unselect the individual lines you can see the entries changing.

As you are querying payments with the customer you can update the Clever Credit Status Code of the entries and add notes to the interaction where necessary. These functions are covered in more detail within other sections of the user guide.

It is important to update Customer Ledger Entries with the results of your interactions. Details such as Promised Payment Dates and whether a full payment or part payment will be made can be recorded.

From the Credit Control Interaction, choosing Update Selected Entries will allow one or more entries to be updated at once. The button can be found on the ribbon of the line ledger entries.

Choosing to Update Selected Entries will bring up the following dialog box:


If the Promised field is enabled on the selected Clever Credit Status Code, only the Promised FastTab related fields will be displayed.


Ticking the option Full Amount means that the customer has promised to pay the full amount of the overdue invoice. If ticked the Promised Payment Amount greys out.

If they are going to pay less than the full amount, then the Full Amount check box needs to be unticked, which will then allow the desired amount to be entered in the Payment Amount. The Payment Date will be set in the Promised Payment Date field.


If the Queried field is enabled on the selected Clever Credit Status Code, only the Queried FastTab related fields displayed.

 The Resolution Target Date uses the work date as default and the Resolution By field shows the current user ID if the Query Resolution by Me flag is set on the Clever Credit Status List page.  Both fields will be populated to the Customer Ledger Entries.

If any other values are set in the Clever Credit Status Code field where the Queried and Promised flags are not set, nothing else will be displayed on the page.


Clever Credit Status Code can also be assigned to the entry, this will help to track the status of the entries. Future interactions are then scheduled to follow up on previous calls based on the status.


The creation of Clever Credit Interactions is then visible on the Customer card on the Interactions FactBox. This acts as a log for any calls/interaction you have had with the Customer.

Clicking on the Type field value will bring up a pop-out window, relating to that interaction, giving details for that record.

This includes information such as any Notes made on a Customer Ledger Entry or promised payment dates.

Having this information readily available means that should another Credit Controller need to interact with the Customer they are easily able to pick up the interaction and deal with it based on previous interactions and notes.


Once this interaction is completed, a Clever Credit To-Do is sometimes created.

A Credit Control To-Do operates as a reminder of calls that need to be followed up on. These are created when Promised Payment Dates are entered on the Customer Ledger Entries as part of the interaction. If this is the case the description of the To-Do will state as follows: Check promised payment has been received.

When the Next Interaction Date is populated on the interaction header, we populate the description with the text: Follow up call from %1 (where %1 is the date of this interaction).

This page shows us the Credit Control To-Do List. This can be filtered down to invoices that are open and closed. If an invoice is paid early, its status will be changed to closed automatically.


Document Delivery

If Clever Document Delivery is installed, you can send out credit memo or invoice of the Customer ledger entries to the Customer with the Send Email or Queue Email action. This function uses the Credit Memo Doc Type Code and Invoice Doc Type Code values from the Clever Credit Setup page.

For more info about email sending please read Clever Document Delivery documentation.