Once the first part of the setup has been done its time to set up the Credit Controllers. These are users that have the permission to release documents from the Credit Held List. They can be created manually or via the Setup new Credit Controller Assisted Setup page(s).

Manual creation is done from the Credit Controllers List, located through the search. Each Credit Controller can be assigned a unique code and is linked to their NAV User account (login account). Here you can also enter a Credit Held Rel. Limit (LCY) (the maximum value the Credit Controller can release an order of) or instead set them up, so the Credit Held Rel. Unlimited option is checked giving the Credit Controller unlimited releasing privileges.

From the Credit Controllers page, you will notice a field called No. of Customers. This details to a user how many customers are assigned to each Credit Controller. You can drill down into this field, and see the specific customers assigned to a Credit Controller.

Assigning customers to a Credit Controller is done using the Assign Customers button on the ribbon of the page. In this page you can assign a single customer at a time or filter the list and select multiple customers to be assigned in one go. This is a quicker alternative than going into each customer card and entering the Credit Controller Code. Assigning customers to the Credit Controller allows them to check their Credit Status and chase when necessary.

You can also select Reassign Customers if you need to transfer some customers to another Credit Controller