If the Credit Controller is happy with the customer account, they can release a document from being Credit Held by clicking Release on the ribbon.

A check will be made to see if the Credit Controller releasing the document has a sufficiently high Credit Release Limit or has Credit Held Rel. Unlimited set against them in the Credit Controller list. If the Credit Controller meets the criteria the document will be released, moving it from the Held Documents to the Released Documents list.

If the user doesn’t have a high enough Credit Held Release Limit to release the document they will receive an error.

Once the Order Status on the document header is set to Released it can be actioned accordingly.

Note - Should you modify a newly released document, it may end up going back through Credit hold process based on your setup as well as the types of modifications you have made to the original document.

Documents that have been released can also be put back on Hold if needed.

To do this switch to the Released Documents list, in here you will notice the Hold option is available. If selected the highlighted document will be moved back to the Credit Held List, with the User ID of the Credit Controller that made the change in the description.

When the document has been credit released, the Credit Status, Amount Credit Released and Credit Released by/Date Time fields will be updated. As mentioned previously, you can view these fields by inspecting the page:

Note - The same applies to Service Documents when they have been Credit Held.