When validation is triggered from the data (i.e. on a list page or card page) the system checks to find the applicable Data Validation Template Cards and then applies the rules on those cards. The result is presented in the Data Validation Error List. This gives each record that has errors, quoting the field with the issue and an error message. The error message should give clear guidance as to how to fix the issue.

To fix an error, the records with errors can be accessed directly from the Data Validation Error List. Just select one of the records (one row) and click on Open Record on the Actions tab of the ribbon.

The data can then be fixed following the hint given in the error message. Once amended, the data can be re checked by launching Data Validation from the Ribbon on the Customer Card.

If no errors are found the following message will be received.

NB: If you are selecting multiple records, click the Assist Edit button (three dots) and choose Select More. Then either tick the required records or tick the box at the top of the column to select all the records from the list page.