Clever Document Delivery gives the user the option to change the main text of the email and embed fields within that text which can be populated from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This enables you to test the app without physically sending documents to your customers and vendors. Allowing you to adjust the setup to fit your business processes and model.

It can be a useful tool to set up Custom Values in the case that you are likely to use a range of emails for a Customer / Vendor throughout Document Delivery.

Learn how to add attachments on top of the reports you wish to send out of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Everything that happens using Clever Document delivery goes through the Document Log. It records everything done via Document Delivery, Opening, Sending or Scheduling for Delivery.

The Document log includes specific information and sets them as column headings, such as the date and time it was processed (the record will be marked as processed), the subject, who sent it, to whom, the document type used and an attachments and details of errors (the record will be marked as error-ed), and error messages.

When this is completed it will be used to password protect every document sent out to the Customer or Vendor. The recipients of the document will need to enter the password to open the PDF document