It was mentioned previously on the Document Type card you can also add attachments on top of the reports you are wanting to send out. Below is how you can do this:

  • Add a new line in the Attachment FastTab of a Document Type

  • Set its Attachment Type as Attachment (rather than Report)

  • Under Attachment Code, either click the dropdown and select the attachment you require if it has already been used, or click New

New will open a page called Doc. Delivery Attachments, where you can create a new attachment code. Once you have filled in the code (unique identifier) and description, click on the import button. You will be asked to choose a file using file explorer to navigate to where your attachment may be.

Once Attachment Imported has been flagged on the line, it is ready to use on a Document Types page as an attachment. Press Ok in the Dialogue box to confirm your new entry and then apply when needed.

Again, the Attachment Name and the Batch Attachment Name can be changed to be something other than the description given to the attachment code on creation. You can customise the Attachment Name to show a key detail about the document contents, for example the sales invoice number. This is done by typing your Attachment name and then a field name in double square brackets.