1.4.1 – Release Date 21/07/22

Change Type Description
Enhancement BC20 Compatibility - SetTestPermissions = Disabled

Add the "Browse to Portal" Button onto Ribbon on MES Setup Page

Bug Resolved Issue where the 'Qty to Start' against Routing Lines was not being set correctly when using Forward Flushing


1.4.0 – Release Date 10/03/22

You can also read our Blog Post about this Release by clicking on the Link! Clever MES 1.4

Change Type Description
Enhancement Introduce Clever Attributes as a Dependency of Clever MES

Extend MES Portal Functionality to Support Serial Number Tracking

Enhancement Added Support for 50 Character Lot Numbers
Enhancement Enhance Standard Business Central Error Messaging to Include Production Order Number.  Error Generated Around Reservation Date Checks.
Bug Fix Fixed Issues on MES Portal Around "Qty Available to Start" for Parallel Routings. 

1.3.8 – Release Date 12/12/21

Change Type Description
Bug Fixed Issue with Opening Instruction Page in French Environment

1.3.7 – Release Date 29/11/21

Change Type Description
Enhancement Initialise MES on Company Initialize
Bug MES App Initialize Fail on Sandbox

Version 1.3.6 - Release Date 08/11/21

Change Type Description
Enhancement Convert PermissionSet XML to Object
Enhancement Address BC19 Compiler Warnings

Version 1.3.5 - Release Date 26/10/21

Change Type Description
Bug Text Overflow Error on Page Tiles

Version 1.3.4- Release Date 14/10/21

Change Type Description
Enhancement Add Framework to Support Clever Attributes App
Bug Description Field on Capacity Ledger Entries changed to Operation Description instead of Machine Centre Description when generated from MES
Bug Fix to correct Filtering when using Routing Link Codes on MES
Bug Fix to resolve Operator Removal on Released Production Orders
Bug Issue with Displaying Instructions against Routing on MES

Version 1.3.3

Change Type Description
Enhancement Separate Stop codes
Enhancement Support 5 decimal places on Operator Unit Cost
Enhancement Support routing version
Bug Page actions handled twice
Bug Return PDF as resource file extension

Version 1.3.2

Change Type Description
Enhancement Enforce Licensing - Check for a valid license first thing when the web service is handled by MES (enforce in MES, not in Portal Framework). Throw an error in the portal if a valid license does not exist.
Bug 'My’ Captions
Bug Error posting consumptions

Version 1.3.1

Change Type Description
Enhancement List stop codes separately for reserved, planned and unplanned.
Enhancement When splitting components by lot the quantity that is shown on the component subpage is the quantity from the item tracking line for that lot, rather than the full expected quantity of the prod. Order component line.
Bug Fix Correct captions for MES Group on Machine Centre Card and action group on Prod. Order Routing List.

Version 1.3

Change Type Description
Enhancement Rebrand to MES
Enhancement Added dependency for Clever Config and support for retrieving the default configuration from the setup page.
Enhancement New Actions on the MES Setup page to open links to the authorisation page – the URL that is returned by the initial registration service call.
Enhancement  The Portal Page – populated with the company that the user is currently logged into in BC.
Enhancement  Default config on install – Create a Portal Framework Device with the same name, associate the CENTER data with the machine center no. permanently.
Enhancement  Default config on install sets option "Show in SFDC" on the setup page (Show in MES) to true.
Enhancement  Sign out button added to device selection page.
Bug Fix New fields on filter page for by-products as the web client doesn’t allow adding new fields to the filter so these are now populated in advance.
Bug Fix Some customers use forward slashes in their routing nos. or operation nos. This gives us a problem when trying to build the key for prod. order lines or components. We now use a tilde (\~) instead and document that this is reserved and should not be used in manufacturing codes for MES customers.